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 Race Length, Format & Other Info

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PostSubject: Race Length, Format & Other Info   Tue 18 Mar 2014, 4:18 pm

All race starts will be standing starts. There will be two heat races at approx. 25 min. in length. Laps will be determined based off of a 1 lap rolling time at each track. There will be qualifying prior to the first race to set starting positions. Race 2 starting order will be based on race 1 finishing positions; fastest at the front. There will be a pace lap to get the starting order correct, then we will stop in the correct order at the starting grid and do a standing start off the in-game timer.

Anyone who "jumps" the start will be assesed penalties.

Depending on the number of racers on race day we will run GT and GTS together or seperate. If there are 16 racers or less, both classes will be ran together. If we have more than 16 racers, I will take the GTS group and Max will take the GT group. If connection issues prevent us from running said room, we will choose a suitable person to host the room.

Damage: Will be set to limited damage. This is in part to the decision to do standing starts. I know there will be some contact, this could cause the aero of the cars to become damage and could seriously affect the cars to have their speed. This does not mean that drivers are free to bash into each other at will knowing that there will be less damage. I will heavily monitor that situation and any driver(s) suspected of deliberately pushing other cars, reckless dive-bombing to gain position or to attain the preferred racing line will lose points for that race. Going all four tires off the track to attain position will also be penalized. Going off the track to avoid an accident is a different situation and will not be a penalty.

Accidental contact will be reviewed if needed and does not apply to the above situation.

Above all sportsmanship. If you know you did something unsportsman like and you give a position back or acknowledge and help fix the situation, I will be much lighter on the penalty, if there is one at all.

Lastly, let faster cars pass. If you are a GTS class car, and there are GT cars riding your bumper, please move over as soon as possible. By the same token, if you are a back pack GT car with damage and GTS front runners are closing in, please move aside.
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Race Length, Format & Other Info

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