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 Battle of the American Iron Startup

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Battle of the American Iron Startup Flagbl10
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PostSubject: Battle of the American Iron Startup   Battle of the American Iron Startup EmptySat 25 Apr 2015, 2:54 pm

Hello everybody, if you know me I've had a bad rep in participation in the last couple of seasons I have tried to join due to work and family matters. But now that I have settled everything and ready to go racing, now with that said I'm trying to start up a mucsle car series, NOT TRANS AM, Muscle cars.
The reason I state it will not be a trans am series is due to the fact that most muscle cars in forza 4 don't even fall into Trans Am specs alone. so to include most of the muscle family the series I'll be not trans am related.
If interested to join or participate, reply to this thread.
Now with that said for those who are interested, not everything is set in stone, but I do have a baseline setup for all the cars for I have tuned most eligible cars for this series. so if you would like to start tinkering and figuring things out here is my baseline
1. General PI will be close or at 600 (Depending on car chosen)
2. Race slicks, Roll cage, and Front Forza Aero only (Rear Aero still in debate, but for right now it is not allowed, due to the time period we are going for.
3. 550 HP limit.
4. Car Years are to 1967-1971 (sorry ford guys, 65 Mustang is too fast for this class)
no main weight limit set, due to most of cars being bricks anyways.
5. Paint and vinyl designs please be time based, this is old school, not overflashy everything was done on a supercomputer in 1970's design, classic, clean.
6. No number plate will be forced, but there will be some stickers

Now with this all said this is intended for being fun, but if this shoots off, becomes popular then season 2 WILL HAVE A PRIZE but for now this is where its at. so please let's find some racers and get this s*** Rollin
Sincerely, RAFT Veteran
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Battle of the American Iron Startup

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