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PostSubject: TA2 SERIES RULES   Thu 08 Feb 2018, 11:26 am

-Chevrolet Camaro
-Dodge Challenger
-Ford Mustang

**General Racing Rules**
-Understand that racing is not a contact sport, but sometimes, it's unavoidable. Be repectfully of other drivers, and others will be repectfully of you.  If you initiate an incident, or cause another driver(s) to lose a postion, please give the spot back.  Reported incidents will be viewed and judged upon, if a penalty is warranted, then it will be levied in grid spots for the next event, points deductions or possibly a BoP penelties.

-Run your line, make the driver(s) behind work for the pass without blocking or swerving to defend. There is no "one move" Scott Pruit BS rule, if you dart in front of another driver on purpose, you are blocking. Passing a car in front of you should not include dive bombing, or calling your pass when two cars behind. Side by side racing is incouraged, these cars a very well balanced and will provide some great, close racing.  

-Returning to the track; Be careful, make sure there are no other vehicles approaching. If you cause an accident by returning to the track in front of other drivers, then you'll receive a stop & go pit penalty and everyone will laugh at you when they drive by.

-Track limits, everyone knows them! Let's try to keep at least two tires on the pavement, at all times. There may be an unavoidable circumstance where you will have to leave the racing surface, like avoiding and accident or just running out of talent, please return to the track ASAP and with caution.

Race Settings
-Damage will be turned off for qualifying and set to "simulation" during the feature race.
-ABS & TCS will be disabled.
-Pit lane will be open for repairs, if needed.

Race Day
-Please show up at least, 15 minutes before posted race time. If you plan on racing and are running late, please post on the NSARL Trans-Am forum race day page. We will make every effort to accommodate each drive who wants to participate, within reason.

-Race day qualifying will be set to six (6) laps. "Clean" qualifying laps will trump "Dirty" laps for setting the grid, so make at least one count.

-Race day starts will be rolling, set by ordering fastest qualifiers. Drivers will leave the grid when called, form up single file and proceed at a safe speed. Before entering the final turn, drivers will pair up according to starting order. The pole sitter can call "Green, Green, Green" anywhere from the final turn exit, to the start/finish line, this will signal the start of the race.  
*This procedure will also allow us to shake out the laggers.  You may be asked to start from the rear of the field if lag becomes an issue for others on the out lap. Thanks in advance for your cooperation on this matter.*

Race Restarts
-Let's try and not win the race in the first corner. If there is an unavoidable incident or a "lag" effect, causing damage, there will be a race restart.  After one lap is completed by the lead driver, any other incidents will fall under a "Caution Flag", so in the end, keep it clean and have fun.

Caution Flags
-If two (2) or more cars are involved after lap one, a caution may be called by the affected.  If "Caution" is called and confirmed by the race leader, all cars will slow to a reasonable speed, in order, so the fallen can catch up. One (1) full lap will be finished under yellow, upon exiting the final turn of the caution lap, the leader will have until the start finish to call "Green, Green, Green" to signal the restart of the race.

Pit Stops
-There will be no mandatory pit stops during the race.

-The race winner will be the driver finishing the required laps, ahead of the field, dah!

Car Changes
-You will be permitted to change your initial car selection, one (1) and only one (1) time after the first race. If you wish to do this, it has to be announced before race three (3).

Post Race Inspection
-The NSARL Trans-Am Series officials, (Hiredgun, Max & Moesavy), will have final say on car build infractions, track incidents and other driver(ing) irregularities.  Anyone found guilty may submit an appeal form, good luck with that.

*Rules are subject to change, if so, all drivers will be informed immediately, either by forum post or PM.*

**Livery Requirments**
-Your number should be located on each side of the car, rear bumper and either the hood or front bumper.  There is no official number board for this series, you can use any of the pre-set number fonts available, or create your own.

-There is a series logo "NSARL Pro Racing Trans-Am Series", this can be placed on each side. 

-SCCA logo can be placed on each side of the car, front and rear.

-Please put TA2 (red on a white box), somewhere on each side and rear of the car.

-Pirelli is the official tire sponsor.

-AEM is an official title sponsor.

-Sunoco is the official fuel sponsor.

-Windscreen banners are not mandatory, if you do want to add one, please use the "NSARL Trans-Am Pro Series" logo in the middle with TA2 on the right and Pirelli on the left, with a black background.

*All of the above logos can be found by searching for: creator: NSA Max in the "Recommended Groups" from the vinyl select screen. Also, you can find most manufacturer logos with a keyword search.  If you're having problems locating something, or need a logo design, let me know and I'll see what I can do for you, time permitting.*

-Here's link for TransAm design ideas:

If you have any questions or concerns, please post them below.

Thanks guys!  Have fun!

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