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 Cockpit drivers - Set that field of view!

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PostSubject: Cockpit drivers - Set that field of view!   Mon 18 May 2015, 9:30 pm

Field of View Calculator

Really helps to fine tune your camera settings.

My setup:
42" TV
I sit approx 36 inches from the screen

I use the Helmet Camera set at 65 with Show Helmet set to "No" & Look to Apex set to 40
FOV Speed Sensitivity - Yes
Minimum - 75
Maximum - 140
Minimum Speed Sensitive Speed - 54
Maximum Speed Sensitive Speed - 178

What this means:
Sitting in the car, at 0 mph my field of view is 65 degrees. This is enough to see the driver side A-Pillar, but not the mirror. As I accelerate, the FOV adjusts to 75 degrees at 54 mph, then to 140 degrees at 178 mph. I'm still tweaking the settings to find a good balance.
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Cockpit drivers - Set that field of view!

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