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PostSubject: Rules   Thu 05 Feb 2015, 4:58 pm


**Car Selection**
2013 Holden Commodore VF Xbox Racing Team
2011 Holden Commodore VE Toll Holden Racing Team
2011 Ford FG Falcon Ford Performance Racing

**Livery Requirements**
-There is no official livery requirements for this series.

-You may choose to run any design shared on the Forza network, or create your own livery.

-If you are using a shared design, please post the livery sponsors in the drivers registration page. This is so we don't have (9) Craig Lowndes 888 Red Bull Holdens running around the track.

**General Racing Rules (reprise)**
-Don't be a dick! Understand that racing is not a contact sport, but sometimes it's unavoidable. Just be careful and do not retaliate, or curse like a sailor, if you get bumped.  Reported incidents will be viewed and judged upon, if a penalty is warranted, then it will be levied in grid spots or possibly equipment forfeiture.

-Blocking, don't do it! Run your line, make the driver(s) behind work for the pass without a "swerve" technique. There is no "one move" Scott Pruit BS rule, if you dart in front of another driver on purpose, you are blocking.

-Returning to the track; Be careful, make sure there are no other vehicles approaching. If you cause an accident by returning to the track in front of other drivers, then you'll receive a stop & go pit penalty and everyone will laugh at you when they drive by.

-Track limits, everyone knows them!  Besides, if you put a tire on the grass in this game, with these cars, you will find the track limits the hard way.

Race Settings
-Damage will be turned off for qualifying and set to "simulation" during the feature race(s).
-ABS & TCS will be enabled.
-In Forza 5, your pit crew will fix all damage, including aero, if you should need repairs.

Race Day
-Please try and show up at least 10 minutes before posted race time. If you plan on racing and are running late, please post on the NSARL V8 Supercar forum race day page. We will make every effort to accommodate each drive who wants to participate, within reason.

-Race day qualifying will be set to five (5) laps. With the exception of Bathurst, which will be 3 laps.  "Clean" qualifying laps will trump "Dirty" laps for setting the grid, so make at least one count.

Feature Race
-Enduro and Super Street starts will be rolling, set by ordering fastest qualifiers, on an out lap. Drivers will leave the grid when called, form up single file and proceed at a safe speed. Before entering the final turn, drivers will pair up according to starting order. The pole sitter can call "Green, Green, Green" anywhere from the final turn exit, to the start/finish line, this will signal the start of the race. For the second round of the Super Street races, the grid order will be determined by fastest lap of the first race, whether clean or dirty.
-Super Sprint race starts will be standing, set by ordering the fastest qualifiers  on the parade lap. Drivers will leave the grid when called, form up single file and proceed at a safe speed. The pole sitter will choose inside or outside starting position and pull into his starting grid spot, drivers behind will fall into grid spots accordingly. Once everyone is in position, a start time will be announced from the game timer, on that mark the race will begin.  
*These procedure will also allow us to shake potential lag issues.  You may be asked to start from the rear of the field if lag becomes an issue for others on the out lap. Thanks in advance for your cooperation on this matter.*

Race Restarts
-Hate them, but shit happens, so, lag issues will cause a restart. A dumbass trying to win the race in turn one, taking out half the field, will cause a restart. ONLY ONCE, another incident by the same driver will be grounds for a boot from the lobby.  After lap one, any incident will fall under "Caution Flags", so in the end, keep it clean and have fun.

Caution Flags
-Might happen.  If three (3) or more cars are involved after lap one, a caution may be called by the affected.  If "Caution" is called and confirmed by the race leader, all cars will slow to a reasonable speed, in order, so the fallen can catch up. One (1) full lap will be finished under yellow, upon exiting the final turn of the caution lap, the leader will have until the start finish to call "Green, Green, Green" to signal the restart of the race.

Pit Stops
-There will be one (1) mandatory pit stop for the endurance races. The stop has to be completed after the lap 2 and before the final lap of the race.
-There are no scheduled pit stops for Super Sprint & Super Street races.

-The race winner will be the driver finishing the required laps, ahead of the field, dah!

*Rules are subject to change, if so, all drivers will be informed immediately, either by forum post or PM.*

If you have any questions or concerns, please post them below.

Thanks guys!  Have fun!
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