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 Race Weekend

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PostSubject: Race Weekend   Wed 15 May 2013, 2:42 pm

Each Meeting will be laid out as such.

Race One will be a sprint of roughly 20 minutes. Grid positions will be championship points reversed. There will be no points for race one but the finishing order will determine the starting order for race 2.

Race Two is the points scoring feature and will run slightly longer (probably over half an hour.

All incidents must be reported to me directly and the replay sent to be reviewed by me and my team.

There will be an optional "Alien Bucket" for drivers gentlemanly enough to acknowledge that they are ahead of the field. This will be a 5% power handicap, and 5% rear grip (the latter as of season 3).  

The Alien bucket has been replaced with an 'Podium Build' which mandates any podium finisher in a feature race to run the next round (qualy and race) in their cars alien build


1. 40
2. 35
3. 32
4. 30
5. 28
6. 26
7. 24
8. 22
9. 20
10. 18
11. 16
12. 14
13. 12
14. 10
15. 8
16. 6

1 point for winning the qualifying race.

Team Rules.

Each team is allowed three cars. Team Championship points will simply be the top two drivers points added together after each race per team, plus 1 point for any team that runs a 3rd car. If a driver is going to miss a race the team can run another driver in his/her car, the car must have the initial drivers number. They will score no points for the driver but will score half team points.

Room Setup

Traction Control Banned.

Illegal Parts.

If found to be running the wrong build then a 20 second penalty for that race and a 100 place grid penalty for the next feature race.

The series may decide to edit car builds at any time, with parts taken down or off or with manufacturers bringing updates.

New rule, due to popular demand. If you didn't make the last 2 races you start at the back of the Qual Race.

The Most Important Rule.

Don't be a tit.
This rule has no specifics and i can apply it to whatever i like and the punishment can be whatever me and my team decide. Drive as you would expect others to drive around you.

New rule, no car changes after race 3, each driver may only change car once. (team swaps and privateers joining teams are still permitted)
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Race Weekend

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