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 1990 Lotus Carlton (aka Opel Omega)

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PostSubject: 1990 Lotus Carlton (aka Opel Omega)   Fri 11 Jul 2014, 9:34 pm

PI: 651
Weight: >3029
HP: 500
TQ: 555

Engine & Power
Air Filter: Race
Fuel System: Race
Ignition: Race
Exhaust: Race
Camshaft: Stock
Valves: Stock
Displacement: Race
Pistons and Compression: Stock
Twin Turbo: Sport
Intercooler: Stock
Oil and Cooling: Sport
Flywheel: Race

Platform and Handling
Brakes: Race
Springs and Dampers: Race
Front Anti-Roll Bars: Race
Rear Anti-Roll Bars: Race
Chassis Reinforcement and Roll Cage: Race
Weight Reduction: Race

Clutch: Race
Transmission: Sport
Driveline: Race
Differential: Race

Tires and Rims
Tire Compound: Race
Front Tire Width: 255
Rear Tire Width: 285
Rim Style: No more than 13 lbs lighter than stock
Front Rim Size: 18"
Rear Rim Size: 18"

Aero and Appearance
Front Bumper: Race
Rear Wing: Race
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1990 Lotus Carlton (aka Opel Omega)

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