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 Laguna Seca Review

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PostSubject: Laguna Seca Review   Thu 29 May 2014, 7:06 pm

Congrats to the GT and GTS winners Warspite, Woflpack and Squid!

I'm looking forward to Road America; its gonna be a little different with there only being one race but at double the length and double the points. There will be double points for every catagory: qualifying points, race points, leading a lap, and leading the most laps.

For the most part the racing was good in both classes with little issues. There were some issues in Race 2 of the GT class.

1) There was still more contact than there needed to be. Again a by-product of the close racing but it still needs to be cleaned up some. If you look at the GT times (thanks Manuel!), the majority of the drivers were running 1:31.3-1:31.6 lap times. That is some close racing.

Please be careful, especially in the early part of the race. By more cautious and please give more room if you are able to. Everyone should be doing this so we can avoid contact and allow everyone a chance to have a fun and competetive race.

2) If there is an on-track issue; a reckless pass, a dirty move, etc. Please wait until the race is done and contact Max or me. Let us review and we will take the steps needed to correct the situation. DO NOT take matters into your own hands and "return the favor" or pay back what was dealt to you.

That creates a situation that then makes you just as guilty as the person who caused the problems in the first place.

By now we should all be on the same page as far as race ethic. There will be penalties handed out starting with Road America for reckless driving and intentional wrecking.

Lets all get this straight and get back to the fun racing we can all have.

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PostSubject: Re: Laguna Seca Review   Thu 29 May 2014, 7:17 pm

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Laguna Seca Review

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