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 Incidents & Penalties

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PostSubject: Incidents & Penalties   Thu 15 May 2014, 2:32 pm

This post is to serve as a reference in the event that an incident needs to be reported or a penalty needs to be assessed during this season

Reporting Incidents

  1. Reporting Process
    a) Grievances are to be submitted to the race director via PM
    b) When possible, provide a replay of the race in which the incident occurred
    c) Provide specific relevant information regarding the incident when reporting to include:
    Approximate lap of the incident
    Description of the incident
  2. Investigation/Review
    a) The race director and selected independent parties will create a private party on XBox Live and review the replay.
    b) The drivers involved in the incident (and any on track witnesses) may be invited to the private party to discuss the incident and any punitive action.
    c) The ruling will be final and not subject to appeal.


  1. Rough Driving
    a) First offense - 5 championship points deducted, 30 second time penalty assessed
    b) Second offense - 10 championship points deducted, 60 second time penalty assessed, and 2 race probation
    c) Offense while on probation will result in forfeiture of points from highest earning event that season
    d) Additional offenses will place the driver under administrative review for possible removal from the race series
  2. Livery
    a) If it is determined via replay review that livery requirements were not met a warning will be issued.
    b) If livery infractions are still present at the next event, a penalty of 5 points will be assessed, and will be continuously applied for each event where the infraction occurs
  3. Car Build
    If it is determined via replay review that the car build does not meet series requirements, a warning will be issued along with forfeiture of finish position and points
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Incidents & Penalties

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