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 Series Update/ State of PWC

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PostSubject: Series Update/ State of PWC   Sat 19 Apr 2014, 11:15 am

Its come to my attention that there may be some confusion over whats going on with builds. Just wanted to give everyone a bit of info to help with it.

Currently, the builds are in a somewhat of a second stage. They have been refined from their initial form, but there is still changes to come. The final process of build refining comes after the second test race this coming Monday (4/21). Once we know who is running what, we can further hone each build to each driver.

For example, the Caddilac build that Roscoe has may not be the same as the one Moe is running based off their finishing position and overall performance. The real PWC series does this, its called the REWARDS system. In short its a system they use to have closer on track racing and is done so by adjusting race weight of each vehicle dependant on finishing position of the previous race.

Detailed information on this is in the Car Specs section of the forum.

Also know that the vehicles that have been chosen are recieving more attention than those that have not been chosen. For example, the Lamborghinis' have not been selected, so the final balancing of those builds is not taking place. Should someone select it before the season starts, it will go through the same process that the other cars are going through now.

Lastly, if there are any questions that are not covered in the forums or if there is anything anyone would like to know, please feek free to ask on the forum in this section or through PM.
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Series Update/ State of PWC

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