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 General Car Information

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PostSubject: General Car Information   Tue 18 Mar 2014, 3:28 pm

I have selected what cars I can from the list available HERE from the World Challenge site.

Pirelli World Challenge (PWC) mandates that eligible cars cannot be out of production for more than 4 years. If they are, they can still be used, but not in every race. There are also other vehicles which are in the process of becoming eligible, but are not yet. I took what I could from all catagories to make as many cars eligible that I could that Forza had available.

A note about GT cars. I know that the real series uses the GT3 versions or "factory race cars" in the PWC series, but there are also a large number of production cars that are used as well. In testing, most the time the GT3 cars would destroy the production cars. Power was cut so the production cars stood a chance, but then the GT3 cars would end up stuck behind the production cars through the turns, but get their doors blown off on the straights. The standard production versions of the factory race cars are now used instead.
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General Car Information

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