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 Pirelli World Challenge GT & GTS Racing

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PostSubject: Pirelli World Challenge GT & GTS Racing   Mon 17 Mar 2014, 11:04 pm

For the most up to date info on this series, check it out here......

We are starting up season 2 for the PWC on Forza 4. For those who were not involved in season one, I'll share some info.

We ran very similar to the real PWC series; standing starts, no required pit stops, and shorter race times over other series races. We ran two 25 min. heats, reversing finishing order of race one for the start of race two. Points were awarded not only for finishing position, but 1st-3rd qualifying, for racers who led a lap, and for the racer who led the most laps making it possible to earn points and championship position without actually winning the race. Season one we ran only GTS cars.

Season 2 is taking all the good elements from the first season, eliminating some not so good ones, and the biggest difference: GT and GTS cars will share the field and race together.

The Forza 4 Road Racing crew, the NSA crew, and myself have created and tested many different cars to make them competetive with eachother. In addition to specific builds, power buckets are used to level the driving field and to make the the cars emulate the real PWC cars as best as Forza allows us to.

Those that were part of season 1 know how much fun it was and how close the racing was. I hope to make a full driver roster and have some more fun and competetive racing.

Specific information on race format, car specs, and other relevant race info will be posted within the next few days, keep checking back.

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Pirelli World Challenge GT & GTS Racing

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