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 Car build/PI adjustment clarification

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PostSubject: Car build/PI adjustment clarification   Tue 29 Oct 2013, 9:54 am

Unless granted a PI adjustment to balance performance, all cars must meet the build specifications outlined in this forum. Once a PI adjustment is granted, the intent is that the car stay as close to the original build as possible, but may be fine tuned based on the track being run. For example, it is acceptable to go to wider tires while removing engine components for a track where more grip is needed, and vice versa for a track where more acceleration/straight line speed is needed. Regardless of the PI allotment, certain components are banned, and use of the banned components will result in forfeiture of any points received during the race(s) where the banned components were used.

Banned components/modifications:
Race Roll Cage
Race Transmission
Race Tires
Forza Front Aero*
Drivetrain Conversion
Engine Swaps*
Aspiration Conversion*

*In extreme circumstances, exceptions may be made to ensure parity on the track. Discussion of permission to run these parts will be held either in a party or lobby, or publicly on the forum.
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Car build/PI adjustment clarification

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