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 Registered Drivers List Season 2

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PostSubject: Registered Drivers List Season 2   Mon 28 Oct 2013, 2:11 pm

Driver Entries:

ManuelCR, SGT, #76 RSR XKR GT
PabloJC81, SGT, #81 M3 GT2
DirtyDawg73, SGT, #73 SRT Viper GTS-R
Hunter 045, SGT, #45 Esperante GTLM
RR xGhost, SGT, #999 CCGT
Rodney506R, SGT, #54 DBR9
ElKuRtI2Q, SGT, #27 SRT Viper GTS-R

The LSA, GT, #64 C6.R GT2
Oddball7000, GT, #70 MP4-12C GT3
Ex US Squid, GT, #29 Chevrolet Stock Car
LeadFoot506, GT, #51 MP4-12C GT3
Maxximilllion, GT, #21 RSR XKR GT
Moesavy, GT, #20 RSR XKR GT
ASQ BerpDator, GT, #07 Gallardo GT2
CBR900RRR, GT, #4 C6.R GT2
ROSCOEpCOTRAIN, GT, #14 Evora Type 124
StalkerStang50, GT, #90 GT Mk7
Hiredgun308, GT, #22 Evora Type 124

Team Entries:

United Autosport McLaren Team (LeadFoot506/Oddball7000)
The Nuttz (ROSCOEpCOTRAIN/hiredgun308)
Jaguar XKR Racing GT (maxximilllion/Moesavy)

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Registered Drivers List Season 2

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