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 A little extra

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PostSubject: A little extra   Tue 28 May 2013, 9:07 pm

The FR500S Mustang is a race variant of the street Mustang GT. It uses the basic street car as a base and then adds on the appropriate race parts. Many of which can be ordered from FORD Motor Company itself by the general public. The FR500S uses the factory 4.6L V8 from the Mustang GT. By modifying the intake head and running a specially designed X-pipe exhaust after the rear axle while keeping the factory two and a half inch pipe, the engine will now achieve 325hp at the crank, only adding 25 horsepower over the factory engine. It also runs a special flap in the mufflers that open at high pressure for less backpressure and better flow. All of these parts are available for purchase directly from FORD. The transmission is the same as the factory 5-speed but has had the internals replaced for more durability. The ratios are the same as factory. The rear end is replaced with the typical 9” that is used by most ford owners in a racing setup, and is also run by NASCAR in all of their cars. The factory car runs around a 3.50 final drive ratio, but for purposes of this being a video game and having to run the same setup on every track, we will be using a 3.73 final drive. The FR500S also used a slightly shortened final drive instead of the factory gearing. Other than these minor changes to the driveline, FORD has also given this car a fully adjustable suspension, adjustable aero, carbon fiber hood, and runs DOT approved BFGoodrich g-Force R1 racing slicks. Each car is to weigh exactly 3,600lbs with the driver in the seat. The real life series that these cars were built for only ran for a few years. It was incredible to watch if you never got the chance to. You can find videos on youtube if you would like to look some of them up. Since the Mustang Challenge has stopped running, the FR500S now runs in the SCCA World Challenge series but has been altered slightly to meet spec for the series. There are several other variations of the FR series Mustangs available that are run in other racing series world-wide, but we will stick with this variation.

In this series we will be visiting some of the best tracks that the United States, available in Forza Motorsport, has to offer. We will visit the high banks and high speeds of, the slightly less known but much more fun than Daytona, Sunset Speedway, all the way to the heavy braking and ups and downs of Road Atlanta. Running an almost exact build to the FR500S Mustang that was run in the Mustang Challenge Series, we will be driving the purpose built FORZA edition FR500S weighing in at exactly 3,600lbs with a crank twisting 325hp. The cars are all equal and the only difference will be the tune you choose to run. Be sure to pay special attention to the rules section to see what is and is not allowed for your tune. Everyone is in an equal car and has an equal opportunity to win. The racing will be close and tempers will flare, but this promises to be some of the most fun you can have on four wheels. So drivers grab your helmets and meet at the line because it’s time to find out who the fastest driver is in the Mustang Challenge Series!
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A little extra

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