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 Rules (updated)

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PostSubject: Rules (updated)   Sat 25 May 2013, 8:57 pm


Have fun

Race hard

Car Setup changes- A basic tune will be sent to you upon sign up. Each car will have a final drive of 3.93. This is not to be adjusted for any track. Also the camber will be sent with the front camber at -3.5 degrees. Downforce is up to you what to run. Ride height must be no lower than 4.0 inches for every track. All other adjustable parts may be adjusted as the driver desires. Some of the adjustments I can not tell from the replay and some I can. If anyone is caught not running a legal setup, I will look into the matter and if found guilty the driver will be asked to retire from the series. I don’t see this happening I just have to put it in the rules. For the things that I can’t tell from replay I am using the honor system.

Basic rules are expected to be followed-

Call out when entering and exiting pits, No “dirty” driving, keep quiet during races.
There will be NO restarts due to careless driving, if you take damage from anything that was not caused directly by lag then you will have to run the full race with damage. Lag incidents will get a restart, and only one. Because of this be sure to play it safe in the opening laps and keep clean, it could be the difference between a podium and a DNF.

If you are involved in an accident call out where you are on the track and make sure the track is clear before re-entering the racing surface. The fault is yours if you re-enter the track and are hit by an approaching car. These cars are 3,600lbs and can’t just snap the wheel to avoid another vehicle.

There are no required pit stops during any event but the pits are always open if you take damage.

Anyone who is involved in an accident must remain in the race until it is complete. If you back out of the race for any reason other than the car has flipped or engine has sustained tremendous damage and you can’t move, you will receive 0 points for that race.

All replays will be reviewed by officials and anyone caught with an illegal build or tune will be approached privately before publicly punished.

There will be full course cautions during the race. If one car is involved and can safely re-enter the racing surface there will be no caution. Cautions will occur when two or more cars are involved or one car has stopped and is unable to continue when it will interfere with the race (they are on or near the racing surface). This includes if they have to back out due to engine damage. In real life you have a caution and wait on the car to be cleared from the surface. That’s what the caution will simulate for us here.

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Rules (updated)

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